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Air Sampling Guide

The Air Sampling Guide is meant as a quick reference for media and flow rates.

Sampling and analytical methodology is an ever changing field. Enhancements and new methods are being developed daily. Please check with the laboratory for any up-to-date changes.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Analysis: Reference material may need to be supplied by the client if not commercially available (Additional fee may apply). Please contact the laboratory to determine availability.

This guide contains a majority of compounds routinely analyzed by Bureau Veritas. Many of our routinely analyzed chemicals – including surrogates and active pharmaceutical ingredients - are listed. Due to the proprietary nature of pharmaceutical ingredient (API) analyses, methods may be available but not included on the website. As our capabilities expand, the website sampling guide is updated. Please contact the laboratory at 800.806.5887 for a compound not found in our online guide.

Complete OSHA and NIOSH methods are available on their respective websites.

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